Why You Should Cut the Cord to Your Paper Shredder

Is your relationship with your office paper shredder on the rocks? If you’re regularly spending time feeding documents into your paper shredding machine, fixing paper jams, and tossing shredded documents in a dumpster, you may be ready to move on to a better solution. Cutting the cord with your paper shredder enables greater productivity, enhanced privacy protection, and ultimately saves your business money.

Paper shredder process

The process of using an office paper shredder is time-consuming. Any material, other than paper, has to be removed from your files, such as:

• Staples
• Paper clips
• Binders
• Sticky notes

It goes like this: Multi-sheet documents have to be separated into small portions for shredding to eliminate paper jams, the paper shredding machine’s receptacle has to be emptied when it’s filled, and routine maintenance must be performed regularly. When your staff is taking time to do all of this, they aren’t able to work on revenue-generating tasks.

A professional paper shredding service reduces the steps your staff must take to securely dispose of confidential documents. Lockable shredding consoles replace your paper shredding machine, and a quick file drop through the slot allows them to be disposed of in significantly less time than it takes to use an office paper shredder.

Paper shredder security

You purchased your office paper shredder with the intention of protecting the privacy of your information—but perhaps without realizing the security risks paper shredding machines pose. Because of the laborious and time-consuming shredding process, your staff may be tempted to toss documents in the trash rather than shredding them. If employees have to wait their turn to shred, confidential documents may be left unattended, making it easier for unauthorized users to see information not intended for their eyes.

The in-house disposal of shredded material also presents security risks. Shredded documents are often dumped directly from the shredding receptacle into trash or recycling bins making them prone to dumpster-diving thieves.

Professional paper shredding closes these security loopholes. An audited shredding process ensures documents are collected and destroyed with strict chain of custody processes at all times. A Certificate of Destruction is provided at the end of the destruction process, demonstrating your company’s compliance with federal, provincial, and municipal privacy laws.

Paper shredder costs

Once you take a look at the numerous costs associated with office paper shredders, it’s easy to see why these investments don’t pay off.

• Equipment purchase
• Maintenance contracts
• Parts/unit replacement
• Electricity for operation

In addition to the capital and operational costs, you’re also paying for the time spent and labor required to shred your documents with paper shredding machines.

When you outsource your paper shredding, you eliminate these expenses and gain long-term savings. A professional paper shredding service allows your employees to focus on revenue-generating activities rather than document destruction.

Cutting the cord

Paper shredding is one of the most effective methods for protecting your business information and the privacy of your clients. But how you shred your documents is important. When it comes to efficiency, privacy protection, and cost savings, cutting the cord with your office paper shredder may be one of the best business decisions you ever make.

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