Protect Your Clients From Identity Theft, Fraud and Loss of Privacy

Protection Against Identity Theft

Tens of thousands of individuals report identity theft and identity fraud crimes each year. Experts say only a fraction of these crimes are actually reported. Luckily, shredding is an excellent form of identity fraud protection. When the cost of professional shredding is compared against the cost of not shredding, the math will always lead back to third-party, professional shredding. If you’re not sure what to shred, click here for a handy list.

Laws and Regulations Mandate Shredding

In addition to the cost of rebuilding credit and reputation related to identity theft, the legal exposure of your organization must be considered.  National and local jurisdictions mandate that all businesses, healthcare facilities and financial institutions protect the confidential information of their clientele.  We strongly recommend all organizations learn more about their local laws and how ShredGuard can help protect you.

For example, many national, state and provincial regulations require organizations to  appoint an individual(s) to be responsible for privacy compliance, including, but not limited to, protecting all personal information held by your organization and developing and implementing personal information policies and procedures.

In addition to the above, you must safeguard this personal information against loss or theft, from unauthorized use, disclosure, etc., regardless of its format.

Preserving Customer, Client and Patient Privacy

Whether you own a two-person shop or manage a company with worldwide operations, it is likely confidential customer information is in your possession.  Customers and patients have unspoken faith and expectation that the organizations they deal with will protect their privacy.  Failure to take such measures can expose organizations to bad publicity, poor word of mouth, lost business and even legal action.

Shielding Sensitive Company Information

Beyond identify theft, the threat of corporate competitors interested in the details of confidential company information also exists.  Some competitors will seize any opportunity to steal your secrets from trash receptacles or recycling dumpsters.  ShredGuard conducts security audits to help corporations identify how confidential information may fall into the wrong hands.  Based on these audit results we help organizations develop plans and procedures to tighten security and protect your business.

Protecting Our Planet

Shred Guard’s paper recycling program keeps your shredded and non-shredded paper out of the waste stream, reduces greenhouse emissions, minimizes deforestation, and preserves our natural resources. To read more about Shred Guard’s environmentally-friendly paper shredding process, click here.

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