What You Don’t Know about Privacy Protection Could Hurt You

The risk of having your privacy compromised is at an all-time high. For the past several years, there’s been an upward trend of identity theft and business fraud incidents across the globe. Unfortunately, ignoring this trend is not an option—because what you don’t know about privacy protection really could hurt you. That’s why we’re sharing the most important facts about privacy protection so you can help protect your business and yourself in today’s risk-filled environment.

Fact #1: Medical Records Are More Valuable Than Financial Data

Privacy protection means taking charge of your medical information. Medical identity theft and associated fraud is on the rise in Canada, and stolen medical records now fetch more on the black market than credit card numbers. As a result, always shred obsolete paper records containing:

  • Healthcare provider correspondence
  • Medical insurance bills
  • Pharmacy receipts

Physicians, dentists and pharmacists should use a scheduled paper shredding service to make sure patient privacy is maintained after the disposal of their records. With this service, locked collection containers are delivered to your office, and employees simply drop documents inside to await destruction. On your scheduled collection days, the documents are collected and securely shredded destroyed on-site at your facility in a mobile shredding vehicle operated by a trained and screened shredding professional.

Fact #2: Thieves Go Through Your Trash

Trash receptacle and recycling bins do not protect your information. Criminals steal documents from them all the time, hoping to find enough information to steal identities and commit fraud and theft.

Think you’re safe because you have a paper shredding machine? Think again. Office paper shredders may not destroy documents beyond recognition, so thieves will even take bags of shredded paper and use computer software to reconstruct the documents. After all, since your shredded paper still sits in its original collection bag, thieves know that whole documents are inside awaiting discovery.

Protect your privacy by keeping your documents out of the trash entirely by using a secure shredding solution. That way, your documents are collected, destroyed and recycled with a secure chain of custody. Secure shredding consoles placed strategically throughout your offices make disposing of confidential documents easy and quick. On collection day, all material is destroyed and recycled and you receive h a Certificate of Destruction to prove your compliance with the law.

Fact #3: Deleted Data Doesn’t Disappear

Privacy protection isn’t just about shredding your paper records; it also means destroying your sensitive digital data. Unfortunately, deleting files from your hard drives, tapes and portable media devices doesn’t make your data irretrievable. With the right technology, a criminal can still gain access to sensitive information. To prevent this from happening, use a National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) AAA Certified digital media destruction service. Your media and electronic devices are shredded into small particles with specialized equipment, rendering them impossible to reconstruct.

Fact #4: All Business Information is at Risk

When safeguarding customer privacy is your first priority, it’s easy to forget about protecting unwanted non-paper items. But if your out-of-date stock, branded material or recalled products are stolen and used, it could seriously damage your business reputation. Use a professional product destruction service to prevent your non-paper information from being compromised and protect the privacy of your corporate brand.

Privacy protection is an ongoing process, and you need to know the facts. Use the information we’ve provided here to help keep your personal and business information secure.

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