The Benefits of On-Site Document Destruction

In-house shredding is a cumbersome, risk laden, and costly process, which makes having your documents professionally destroyed a no-brainer. Some paper shredding companies offer several service options tailored to your business needs, including document destruction on-site at your business. Here are the benefits of on-site document destruction. Time and Cost Savings On-site document destruction saves […]

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The Top Things to Consider When Choosing an Information Destruction Solution

Choosing an information destruction solution is a decision that should be taken seriously. If the right choice isn’t made, you may lose money, receive poor customer service or even worse, have your data compromised. Here are the top things to consider when choosing an information destruction solution: Experience and Ability Every business and industry had […]

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How Mobile Shredding Works

There’s no doubt that mobile shredding saves your organization time and money, and helps prevent privacy breaches. But you may not know exactly how mobile shredding, also known as on-site shredding, works. Here we explain the mobile shredding process and how it offers your business a secure privacy protection solution. File disposal Mobile shredding offers […]

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Shred vs. Recycle: You Can Do Both!

A countless number of decisions, ranging from the mundane to the complex, are made over the course of your workday. Each decision comes with unique factors to consider. And whether in your business or personal life, deciding what to do with your unwanted information is one of these decisions. You know that recycling documents is […]

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Assessing Your Company’s Identity Theft Exposure

Identity theft is one of the biggest crimes in Canada, and is often the result of inadequate business procedures for protecting personal information. You may feel like you are already doing everything in your power to protect the identity of your clients and employees, but it may not be enough. Here we offer a few […]

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