2 Surefire Ways to Protect Patients from Medical Identity Theft

Safeguarding patient health information has never been more important. Medical record theft is on the rise across the globe and health care records now fetch more on the black market than stolen credit card data. Beyond the financial cost to its victims, medical identity theft can also result in serious and long-lasting emotional damage. Here […]

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What You Don’t Know about Privacy Protection Could Hurt You

The risk of having your privacy compromised is at an all-time high. For the past several years, there’s been an upward trend of identity theft and business fraud incidents across the globe. Unfortunately, ignoring this trend is not an option—because what you don’t know about privacy protection really could hurt you. That’s why we’re sharing […]

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Knowing Which Documents to Store and Which to Destroy

When you’re faced with a giant pile of documents, it can be difficult knowing what to do with them. Some should be kept for several years, and others permanently. Then there are all the outdated files that have to be dealt with. Here are several tips for knowing what to store and what to destroy. […]

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Low-Tech Ways Thieves Steal Business and Personal Information

Online identity theft and business fraud continues to plague our business and personal lives, with thieves hacking into financial networks and using malicious codes and phishing schemes to steal information. But not all criminals use computers to gain access to sensitive and confidential information. Here are several low-tech methods thieves use to steal valuable information. […]

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NAID AAA Certification Covers PCI Compliance Standards

Working with a NAID AAA Certified information destruction partner offers your company several benefits. Assured privacy protection, the highest ethical standards, and a guaranteed closed chain of custody during destruction are all at the top of the list. But NAID AAA Certification also offers added benefits for companies required to follow Payment Card Industry Data […]

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Assessing Your Company’s Identity Theft Exposure

Identity theft is one of the biggest crimes in Canada, and is often the result of inadequate business procedures for protecting personal information. You may feel like you are already doing everything in your power to protect the identity of your clients and employees, but it may not be enough. Here we offer a few […]

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