Shredding Service Pricing

Do you know how much your paper shredding machine costs your business?

Once you’ve calculated your equipment costs, as well as employee time spent shredding, you may find that a professional paper shredding service is a more cost-effective solution for destroying your documents.

To find out if a professional shredding service is right for you, we’ve created this handy calculator to help you do the math:

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Shred Guard’s streamlined, secure shredding services save businesses money. First, our experienced staff takes time to understand your privacy protection requirements prior to implementing a shredding solution for your business. Then we use a variety of criteria to determine your shredding service costs.

Scheduled shredding service pricing

Scheduled shredding service pricing is based on the volume of material collected for shredding and the frequency of service. Not sure what to shred? Click here for a helpful list.

We place lockable shredding containers throughout your building. There are several types to choose from:

  • Decorative shred consoles
  • 65-gallon shred bins
  • 95-gallon shred bins

We set a shredding schedule based on your company’s unique document disposal needs, and all shredding is performed on-site at your facility in our mobile shredding truck. With Shred Guard’s scheduled paper shredding service, you can rest easy knowing your confidential documents are being destroyed properly.

One-time purge shredding service pricing

Pricing for our one-time purge shredding service is based on the total volume of material shredded.

Whether you are relocating your business or are simply cleaning out a file room, Shred Guard’s one-time purge shredding service is the perfect solution. Simply fill bags with the documents you want to dispose of, and we pick them up from your facility and shred the contents on-site. We also offer the option of delivering secure, lockable shredding bins in advance of your purge project.*

Both methods eliminate the time-consuming process of shredding your files in an office shredding machine, and both offer a more secure method for disposing of sensitive information.

Residential shredding service pricing

Pricing for our residential paper shredding services is based on the volume of material destroyed.

Shred Guard’s residential paper shredding services save you from having to stand over a paper shredder to protect your identity. We pick up your documents and shred them for you. Pricing for our residential paper shredding services is based on the volume of material destroyed.

Shredding service pricing with added value

With Shred Guard’s professional paper shredding services, saving money isn’t the only benefit. Because we provide personalized attention and excellent customer service, you’re guaranteed an exceptional value.

For a free quote or to learn more about our shredding services, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

*Based on availability and service area


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