Residential Paper Shredding Services

Try our Shred Express prepaid confidential shredding bags!

Shred Express Prepaid Confidential Shredding Bags

Safeguarding your identity isn’t an option—it’s a must

Identity theft is an equal-opportunity and costly crime; as long as your personally-identifiable information is out there, you’re at risk. It can take years to fully restore your credit rating and financial well-being, not to mention the immeasurable emotional toll it takes on you and your family. Residents are increasingly targeted for identity theft as more individuals work from home and maintain home offices. If you’ve ever carelessly thrown personal and business documents into the trash or recycling bin without any consequences, it’s just a matter of time before you become the next victim.

Privacy protection for your home office

Shred Guard offers a reliable and convenient solution for securely disposing of any documents in your home that contain confidential information. Our residential paper shredding services save you precious time and guarantees that sensitive files we shred for you will never end up in the trash. And remember, all of the minutes spent feeding documents into your shredding machine and clearing paper jams add up to hours you could have spent being productive.

Shred Guard handles your paper shredding for you. Simply set aside the documents you wish to destroy and we’ll pick them up and transport them to our shredding plant for destruction, shred all paper on-site with our mobile shredding truck, or try
Shred Express—our new, prepaid shredding bag service!

Sensitive files within your home may include:

  • Personal health information
  • Bills and financial records
  • Business receipts

Not sure what else to shred? Click here for a helpful list.

We also provide secure shredding consoles that can easily be placed in your home, providing a secure repository for any confidential material. On a scheduled basis, our shredding technician will arrive at your home and collect all sensitive information contained within. No matter which method you select, we provide a Certificate of Destruction verifying all of your documents have been destroyed.

Secure residential shredding near you for your personal and business documents

Many paper shredding machines shred documents into relatively large strips that render confidential information difficult to piece together, but not entirely indistinguishable. Combine that with the practice of collecting your documents all together in a shredding bag that you then throw away, and you are more vulnerable to identity theft than you thought. As a NAID AAA Certified document destruction company, Shred Guard’s residential paper shredding service utilizes shredding equipment and practices that render your documents completely unidentifiable during the destruction process.

And now, we’ve created Shred Express, our prepaid, secure shredding bag service, just for you!

We ensure the privacy of your information through:

  • Screened, uniformed shredding technicians
  • Strict chain of custody procedures
  • GPS-tracked vehicles

Eco-friendly personal shredding for your home

Everyone wants a greener planet. Unfortunately, during recycling efforts, confidential documents can easily get tossed whole into a recycling bin. Shred Guard recycles all shredded material. After your documents have been destroyed, they are baled and sent to our authorized recycling partner to be used to create a variety of consumer products.

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