Product Destruction

We understand that secure destruction of unwanted inventory is important to your company’s reputation, and product integrity. Whether you have old stock, outdated promotional materials or recalled product, our Product Destruction services are secure and complete.

In addition to the above, what’s more concerning are situations where you may be faced with a product that is potentially harmful if improperly disposed of. This can be an unsettling issue to deal with if presumed hazardous or toxic. Products such as batteries and medicines are prime examples of toxic substances that if leaked into our soil and water, will pollute our water sources. Not only will this hurt our wildlife, it will eventually affect us all if not resolved.

Shred Guard will accept both hazardous and non-hazardous products for shredding and disposal. Wherever feasible, all packaging including steel, aluminum, glass, cardboard, wood and plastic will be salvaged. In the event that material is considered dangerous, it will be shredded prior to entering an incinerator. Non-threatening products will be shredded before entering the recycling process, or in some cases may be sent to a safe, chemical landfill depending on its contents.

It is an ongoing priority of ours to provide peace of mind to our customers; we assure you all forms of waste will be taken care of appropriately, preventing any misuse or the possibility of it landing in the wrong hands. Following the destruction process, we’ll present you with a certificate of destruction for additional assurance.

Furthermore, our eco-friendly procedures ensure your business or organization meets government regulatory requirements, in addition to your own standards for inventory disposal. If you need something destroyed, shred it!

Contact us at 1-866-707-4733 for information on how we can provide secure product destruction for your organization, or complete the Request a Quote form on this page.

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