Paper Shredding Services in Sydney

Sydney is a destination city, characterized by its scenic beauty, vibrant culture and friendly people. As it continues to grow and thrive economically, Sydney’s business community is aligning itself with service providers it can trust and depend on. This is especially important during a time when the need to maintain the privacy of your business information is a high priority.

Your solution for secure document disposal

Shred Guard provides the Sydney, Nova Scotia business community with a trusted and reliable solution for ensuring the secure and timely disposal of confidential business records. Our paper shredding services provide ongoing protection of the information within your no-longer-needed sensitive documents and files:

• on-site paper shredding
• one-time purge shredding
• post shredding paper recycling

We tailor our document destruction services to your specific business needs and reduce your organization’s risk of a privacy breach.

Confidentiality that doesn’t come at the expense of productivity

Is your paper shredder stealing your time? Each time your employees use a paper shredding machine, precious minutes are wasted, and those minutes add up to hours. Staples and paper clips must be removed from files, documents have to be hand-fed through the shredder in small batches, and although great care is taken, paper jams occur frequently. Even if all goes smoothly, the shredding receptacle has to be emptied often. The worst part is that even with all this effort, your shredding machine may not completely destroy sensitive information before it ends up in a dumpster, exposing your business to:

• data breach
• increased liability
• non-compliance with information protection laws

Shred Guard’s paper shredding service removes the onus of document destruction from your employees and provides a more secure and reliable method for destroying confidential documents. We fully assess your document disposal requirements and implement a paper shredding solution that reduces legal liability, protects client privacy, and meets all compliance standards.

We take your privacy protection seriously

As a NAID AAA Certified document shredding provider, we adhere to the highest document destruction standards and ensure the protection of your information by utilizing:

• screened, insured shredding technicians
• industrial-grade shredding equipment
• GPS-tracked vehicles
• strict chain of custody protocols

A Certificate of Destruction is issued with the completion of every paper shredding project.

Shred Guard’s paper shredding services offer businesses in Sydney a more secure and efficient solution for disposing of confidential paper records.

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