Paper Shredding Services in Charlottetown

Rich history, architecture and culture are major draws to Charlottetown, the provincial capital of Prince Edward Island. From humble beginnings to its current-day status as a center of public- and private-sector activity, Charlottetown has truly come into its own. In today’s modern world, businesses in Charlottetown and throughout Atlantic Canada have also had to become increasingly vigilant about privacy protection.

Professional paper shredding reduces privacy breach risks

Each day, your business produces and handles confidential documents. If your paper records land in a trash or recycling bin and are stolen by a competitor or criminal, your entire business could be at risk:

• Legal liability
• Damaged brand and reputation
• Loss of customer confidence

Your current document disposal processes may be putting your business at risk without your knowledge. Sensitive paperwork lands in waste bins or recycling receptacles more often than you think. Even if your paperwork has been run through an office shredding machine, it may not be thoroughly destroyed.

Charlottetown’s paper shredding authority

Shred Guard paper shredding services are an integral part of part of Charlottetown business’ information security programs. As the leading shredding and destruction solution provider in Atlantic Canada, we provide businesses in Charlottetown and across Prince Edward Island with paper shredding solutions that ensure secure and thorough disposal of business documents and files. Our paper shredding services include:

• On-site paper shredding
• One-time purge shredding
• Post-shredding paper recycling

We help ensure that none of your paper documents or files land in the trash where they are easily compromised.

Secure and thorough document destruction for your business

We provide a security audit to help your company identify potential risks and prevent unauthorized access to your confidential information. Throughout the years, we’ve identified vulnerabilities and recommended solutions for Charlottetown businesses in multiple industries, including:

• Legal
• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Financial

As a National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) AAA Certified document shredding company, we take privacy protection seriously. In addition to practicing information destruction processes that adhere to the highest standards set forth by NAID, we also ensure the security of your information during the disposal process by using:

• Screened, insured shredding technicians
• Industrial-grade shredding equipment
• GPS-tracked vehicles
• Strict chain of custody protocols

Our state-of-the-art technology, dependable processes and trustworthy staff offer unsurpassed privacy protection for your business.

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