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How Shredding Services Works

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Regular disposal of paper documents is the most effective method for combating the theft of confidential information. However, without a reliable, secure and convenient system for ensuring your sensitive business records do not end up in the trash, your business may fall victim to a costly data breach. The stakes have never been so high, with rising legal expenses and mounting breach notification costs potentially bankrupting your organization and permanently damaging your brand and reputation.

Say “goodbye” to your office shredding machine!

Shred Guard’s on-site paper shredding services provide verifiable solutions for ensuring that your confidential business documents are securely destroyed on a regular basis. No longer do your employees have to spend precious time shredding files a few pages at a time, unclogging jams in shredding machines, or hauling shredded material to a dumpster. We place lockable, secure shredding consoles directly in your office, offering a convenient method for destroying of sensitive information. Because whole files are able to be dropped simply within a shredding console without the hassle of removing staples, paper clips and sticky notes, expired paperwork is less likely to sit visibly exposed at workstations or on desktops. Simply drop it in and we handle the rest for you! Not sure what to shred? Click here for a helpful list.

Continuous privacy protection for your daily paperwork

A pickup schedule is customized specifically to your business’ paper shredding needs. On the scheduled day of service a professional Shred Guard shedding technician will arrive at your location, gather all documents collected within our shredding consoles, and securely shred all material directly on your property enabling you to observe the entire destruction process with your own eyes. We offer the following to ensure stringent privacy protection during the entire shredding process:

  • Screened, uniformed staff
  • Strict chain of custody protocol
  • NAID AAA Certified destruction

After your documents have been shredded we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to certify that your information has been securely destroyed.

Sharing your commitment to a healthy environment

No company should have to sacrifice the privacy of its information in order to remain “green.” Shred Guard’s on-site paper shredding services minimize the risk of confidential material ending up in a recycling bin. After your documents have been destroyed, all shredded material is baled and sent to a secure facility where it is used to manufacture new paper products.

With Shred Guard, your employees can always discard sensitive documents in a safe and secure manner so that they can focus on what they do best. To find out more, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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