Inside a Hard Drive & Media Shredding Service

Get The FactsAs with your paper records, there’s an obligation to destroy your hard drives and tapes when they become obsolete. Failure to do so puts your clients and employees at risk of falling victim to identity theft, and can also cause irreversible damage to your business reputation. A digital media shredding service gives your company a data destruction resource it can always rely on. Below we share how this service works.

Documentation, Collection and Handling

A digital media shredding service offers end-to-end protection for your data that starts with the collection of your hard drives and tapes. On a scheduled or as-needed basis, media is collected from your office by a background-screened shredding technician. The serial numbers of each tape and hard drive can be verified and recorded before shredding if you require it. After your media is identified, it’s immediately taken to a mobile shredding vehicle for on-site destruction. A strict chain of custody is followed throughout documentation, collection and handling, and Shred Guard is bonded to ensure the utmost protection for your information.

Secure Destruction

Deleting files from tapes and hard drives doesn’t prevent identity theft and business fraud. The only way to keep your data private is to completely destroy it. A digital media shredding service uses specialized, mobile, media destruction vehicles to reduce tapes and hard drives to tiny particles in a matter of minutes. This process makes it impossible to extract any data from your devices. Want to watch your media being destroyed? A closed-circuit monitor lets you witness the destruction of your media in real time. You are provided with a Certificate of Destruction noting the day and time of shredding, along with an itemized list of the items destroyed, including media serial numbers.

Responsible Recycling

e-Waste damages natural resources and poses a risk to human health. Besides being secure, a digital media destruction service ensures environmentally-responsible data destruction. After your digital media is destroyed by a digital media shredding provider, it’s taken to a qualified, electronics recycling facility. Here, all recoverable metals and materials are separated for recycling and will be reborn as new objects.

Now that you know what goes on inside a digital media shredding service, make sure your bases are covered today!

If you need a digital media shredding solution for your business, Shred Guard can help. We provide NAID AAA Certified digital media destruction services to businesses throughout Atlantic Canada. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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