Client Testimonial: University of New Brunswick Trusts In Shred Guard

As Records Management and Privacy Coordinator for the University of New Brunswick I have been working with Jody MacDonald, Senior Account Manager, Shred Guard, for over two years. In 2011, Ms.MacDonald brought to my attention the importance of a secure shredding program and the services offered by Shred Guard in this regard. After meeting with her and going to tender, we were happy to acquire the services of Shred Guard for the Fredericton UNB Campus over the 2012 calendar year.

To date we have over 48 individual faculty, departments and units on the Fredericton Campus using Shred Guard Services. Staff members have reported being pleased with both the promptness and friendly manner of our pick-up driver. As the year progresses we continue to have additional units join our shredding program once they hear more about the services being offered.

As Records Manager I am very pleased to see the campus wide use of this service and would be happy to discuss any specific questions you might have about working with Shred Guard as our secure shredding service provider.


Donna G. Curtis
Record Manager and Privacy Coordinator
University of New Brunswick

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