Fall in Love with Privacy Protection!

Chocolates and roses get most of the attention in February, but we’re spreading the love with a privacy protection gift straight from the heart! This month, take advantage of our sweet deal on NAID AAA Certified paper shredding: Shred 18 boxes for just $79.99! Have more? No worries…we’ll destroy up to 50 additional boxes for […]

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DIY Shredding vs. Professional Document Destruction

Shredding confidential business documents is important for the security and protection of both your company information and your customers’ information. You can either buy an office shredder and self-manage the shredding process or outsource it to a qualified partner. In this blog we discuss the major differences between DIY shredding and professional document destruction.  Security […]

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Protect Your Identity during the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with friends, family, gift giving and good cheer. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when identity theft spikes. If you’re not careful, your personal and financial information could be stolen in an instant. Here are several ways to protect your identity during, and after, the holidays. Be Smart When […]

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The Top 5 Privacy Protection Tips for Your Business

If you stay on top of the news, you’ll understand that protecting business data can seem like a losing battle. Stories of organizations large and small falling victim to data breaches and identity theft fill the headlines. And if big companies with massive budgets can have their information compromised, so can your small business. But […]

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3 Options for Storing Your
Business Records

Imagine not having access to your most important business documents. How would it impact your organization? Could you provide your customers with the goods and services they expect? Where and how you store your business records matters. Here are three document storage options and the reasons why you should carefully consider each option. Option 1: […]

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Inside a Hard Drive & Media Shredding Service

As with your paper records, there’s an obligation to destroy your hard drives and tapes when they become obsolete. Failure to do so puts your clients and employees at risk of falling victim to identity theft, and can also cause irreversible damage to your business reputation. A digital media shredding service gives your company a […]

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